Dave Stephenson

Dave Leadwood & Wild Olive

Leadwood & Wild Olive

Dave - Wild Olive Burr

Wild Olive Burr

Dave - Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine

Dave Stephenson

My earliest memories of woodturning are standing on a box to reach the lathe and my late father evaluating my efforts at spindle turning cylinders by checking them with calipers. He was a perfectionist and a good teacher. 

Thirty odd years ago my dad passed on and I inherited his faithful Rockwell lathe and his tools. The bug bit again and I got back into woodturning. I met up with like minded turners and we founded the Western Cape Woodturners Association in Cape Town. 

Selling at craft markets led me to leaving the IT industry and I have been turning full time ever since. I often demonstrate at national seminars, wood shows and club meetings.

I sell my pieces in The Waterfront Woodturners and in The Natural Edge Gallery in Sedgefield.

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