Ken Turner

Ken - Australian Blackwood

Australian Blackwood

Ken - Australian Blackwood & Walnut

Australian Blackwood & Walnut

Ken - Wild Olive

Wild Olive

Ken Turner

I’ve always found satisfaction in designing and building things in wood, from model aircraft to furniture and kitchen storage. But I’d never touched a lathe. 

Then round about 2000, I went along to a meeting of the Western Province Woodturning Association and the bug bit. I suddenly realized what a versatile tool a lathe could be, and what an amazing variety of woods we can source in South Africa. Indigenous, imported, alien and often gorgeous. 

But getting those great cuts and finishing to perfection is not without its challenges. Imagination plays an enormous role. We all gradually develop our own styles and preferences, and for me they often tend to focus round items that can be used, rather than purely decorative. 

Hope you enjoy what you see on our shelves at the Watershed. It’s our only outlet, and we do once-offs, so you can look forward to owning something created by hand and unique.

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