Gert Ferreira

Gert - Wild Olive Bowl

Wild Olive Bowl

Gert - Jacaranda Hollow Form

Jacaranda Hollow Form

Gert - Wild Fig Vase

Wild Fig Vase

Gert Ferreira

I have always enjoyed working with wood. The school I attended had a lathe; however, we never had the opportunity to use it. I taught myself from an early age.

My love for wood turning dates back to 1986. I bought my first book called "Creative Woodturning" by Dale R Nish. 

I joined the Western Cape Woodturners Association in 1995 and due to their encouragement and advice I grew from strength to strength.

I enjoy working with any piece of wood that has a natural flaw to it.  I try to create something out of the natural elements in order to give back to mother nature and showcase the beauty of what lies beneath the bark.

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