Izak Cronje

Izak - Red Ivory  and Stinkwood

Red Ivory and Stinkwood

Izak - Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine

Izak - Wild Olive

Wild Olive

Izak Cronje

What started as a hobby some fifty years ago, developed into a passion to create a masterpiece from a piece of wood. Michelangelo said, “in every block of marble there is an angel waiting to be set free”.

In an attempt to emulate, I did a lot of reading, attended workshops locally and overseas. Studied and developed an appreciation for trees and wood.

In between I also qualified as a Chartered Accountant to earn my daily bread and keep a family together.

I am a member of the Association of Woodturners (S.A), the Western Cape Association as well as the American Association.

I believe that every piece I turn is unique to its maker!

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